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I'm Dan Sealey, an Aussie designer born in New Zealand, raised in Dubai, based in Australia and relocating to London 2nd of December 2021.

Working at the intersection of UX, UI | visual design, content design and front-end web since 2012, I've had the privilege of influencing products and services that impact millions for the better.

I've worked with NTT, Avanade, Accenture/Fjord, the Australian Dept. of Defence, National Disability Insurance Agency, Dept. of Human Services, Dept. of Health, Dept. of Environment and the Civil Aviation Safety Authority. Once upon a time I was also a visual designer at Voodoo Creative, Mail Boxes Etc and 2B Advertising too.

What I do

User research

Interaction design

UI | Visual design

Content design

Working in agile teams

Facilitating workshops

Front-end web

Digital illustration

Case studies

Research driven design, method driven investigations.

Please get in touch for access, they’re password protected due to confidentiality agreements.

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Bringing you flexible education, anywhere.

Focus: User Research, Interaction Design, Interface Design

Client: Private individual (Freelance)

Top Tutor is where people can learn from the best tutors in their area for a personalised and collaborative experience that embraces the flexibility of remote learning, either entirely or to complement in-person sessions as well.

↓ CASE STUDY 2/5 ↓

Consumer Data Right

Giving you choice and control.

Focus: User Research, Interaction Design, Interface Design

Client: Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

Consumer Data Right gives people the right to share their data between service providers of their choosing. It’s now active in banking, so they can choose to share their banking data with a prospective bank to get a better offer, or with an app to access a new service.

↓ CASE STUDY 3/5 ↓

Posting Connect

Connecting you with the right information.

Focus: Interaction Design, Content Design

Client: Australian Department of Defence

PostingConnect is an online platform to assist the Australian Defence community with domestic postings. Designed to guide members and their nominated representatives through the numerous and varied tasks relating to posting.

↓ CASE STUDY 4/5 ↓

Defence Leadership Digital Workspace

A better way to manage critical information.

Focus: User Research

Client: Australian Department of Defence

The Defence Leadership Workspace will empower senior members with easier access and better management of information using a modern, intelligent platform that integrates with other Defence systems to support well-informed decision making.

↓ CASE STUDY 5/5 ↓

National Disability Insurance Scheme

Investing in people with disability early to improve their outcomes later in life.

Focus: User Research, Interaction Design

Client: Australian National Disability Insurance Agency

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is for Australians that are both with or acquire a permanent or significant disability. It funds reasonable and necessary supports and services that relates to a person’s disability to help them achieve their goals.

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Skype: atmoscreative

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Relocating to London 02/12/2021

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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